Billion Dollar Gran

March 8, 2021 by No Comments

It was a long Friday night as I was having some great difficulties in getting asleep, actually I had this insomnia problems few years back, although I recovered from it, but it keep coming back sometimes. This night was one of them, and I had nothing to do as there was nothing good on tv and I was out my internet plan.

Then suddenly I came to remember the new kid that shifted recently to my apartment. So I went to the lobby and I was very relieved after watching his room’s light on, which means he was not sleeping also. So I knocked at his door and he instantly invited me in and he told me that he has been playing this slot game called billion dollar gran. He told me that it’s quite a humorous which diverted my attention to the game as I love humor; there is nothing better than a laugh in this whole world.

So, I insisted him to tell me more about this new casino slot and its reviews and he did it pretty well. He told me about the theme of the game that it is about an old wealthy lady that adores nothing more than handing out stacks of her cash. It’s like when you play the game, Gran rocks back and forth and does her knitting as the reels spin.

And that’s how you win the game and if you are willing to pay for the credits, one can win real money as well and to pay for the credits one must use only the PayPal account as it is known to be the safest payment gateway, I played the slot that whole night and that’s how coped the time dealing with insomnia and would love to try it again.