Blackjack: The No. 21 Game

March 8, 2021 by No Comments

I have just recently completed my graduation and this one incident in the last year of my graduation is been deep stuck in to my mind, actually it roam around the movie 21. Which is a story of a bunch of college students from MIT and one of their professor, who made a perfect team to deceive the land based casinos and make millions out of it.

All of this was done by playing the most famous game of the gambling industry called the blackjack. This story was really an amazing and I couldn’t really forget it till my last breath. The thing which made me so connected with this is that I am also too good at counting numbers and keeping them in memory. And since I have seen this movie the same thought are running through mind.

Anyways, I don’t possess any genius professor to make strategy and brilliant friends, so I quit the thought of it. But whenever I hear the name blackjack it just fills me with excitement. I have seen that many people like me try to deceive the casino through these strategies and counting charts. But at last I found out that it’s really very hard to do this.

The rules of the games are pretty fascinating which seems vulnerable but I think it’s really a myth, and it’s not that vulnerable in reality, anyway I love this game and still play it online, whenever I got the spare time, even after returning from the Atlanta city.