Have Fun With Boogie Monsters

March 8, 2021 by No Comments

It was Friday night and I was returning from my office thinking about my wife Lisa that she will be waiting for me to have dinner and then suddenly I remembered that she is out of town to her parent’s home. It really was a bummer and I know that tonight is going to be hard to pass. So I invited my office colleague to my home, which sounds the best solution rather than eating alone.

When he came, I was so relieved he also brought some beer cans to hangout and kind of has a great time and now I started feeling good and switched on a hip hop song on the television. I really was not getting the lyrics but was enjoying at the fullest after having two beers.

Later we talked a little and somehow the conversation went to talk about the increasing popularity of online casino, and then he showed me this pokie game called the Boogie monsters. He also told me about it that it is a 5-reel, forty pay line poker machine designed by Microgaming. And it features the option to play up to ten coins per line or up to 400 coins total on each spin.

After hearing the rules of the slot machine I insisted him to make me play as well, so I make the free download of the same pokie app on my android phone and start playing with the free spins, my friend arranged for me. He also promised me later that he will also tell me some tricks and tips on how to win at online casino slots. After playing for some time we went for the real money as well and had a great time together. I’ll be always thankful to him for being there, when I needed him the most.